“Head Coach Jones is a ruthless sonofabitch, and I say this with the utmost respect, but this team does not have the talent to compete against the two top western division teams.”

This is what I wrote about Chris Jones on June 22, 2015, here at Discombobulated, when I was making my predictions about the Edmonton Eskimos’ 2015 season.  I was obviously wrong about the Eskimos, but I was obviously right about Chris Jones.  The axing of John Chick and Weston Dressler is the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ equivalent of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I am a huge fan of both Chick and Dressler, but I am a huger fan of winning.  This is the kind of ruthless sonofabitchery that sends a signal that the new Roughrider administration is serious about winning.  Roughrider President and CEO Craig Reynolds showed the same kind of coldblooded ruthlessness when mowed down not only Head Coach Cory Whatisname but GM Brendan Taman as well, and then he poached Chris Jones within days of Jones winning the Grey Cup in Edmonton.  The fact that Jones was willing to jump ship so fast shows that both these two guys understand each other and both these guys mean business.  This latest development is another top-down message that the Roughriders will not be trifled with.

For too many years, the Saskatchewan Roughriders were operated from the heart, and they stunk.  Once they started getting ruthless about winning, they started winning.  There is no room for sentimentality in football.

However, if I may be permitted a moment of sentimentality, we all know that Chick and Dressler will be able to find other teams to play for, if they want to continue playing, so like everyone in Rider Nation, I wish them good luck.  Now I’ve got to start scanning the CFL free agent list to see who we can expect to arrive.  Lemon’s good start.

I’m looking forward to a ruthless Saskatchewan Roughrider team in 2016.  Younger, faster, hungrier.

“Ruthless aggression!” – Vince Kennedy McMahon

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