“What could one more appointment hurt?” said Prime Minister Stephen Harper. “Mr. Hogan has an unblemished public record for level-headed fair-mindedness, as far as I am aware.  His bout against the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI and his Icon versus Icon Bizarro-World match against The Rock at Wrestlemania X8, both held in Toronto, are classic Canadian sports moments.  Canada loves the Hulkster.”

Mr. Hogan is a wrestling legend who has held world heavyweight championships in the WWF, WWE and WCW.  The Prime Minister assured the assembled press that Mr. Hogan will take his seat in the Upper Chamber in his red and gold colours, not the notorious New World Order persona of Hollywood Hogan.

“At the commencement of this election campaign,” the Prime Minister said, “Canadians should understand that this one last appointment is merely a symbol of our serious intent to reform the Senate through the selection of only the most well-vetted candidates, and our overriding commitment to competent governance.”

When Prime Minster Harper was informed of Mr. Hogan’s most recent controversies, Mr. Harper replied: “Wait… what?”

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