Okay, Conservative Party of Canada, we get it.  Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has nice hair.  The way that folliclely-challenged old guy in the commercial can’t leave it alone, one is forced to assume that this isn’t a political matter for him, but an expression of some fairly deep-seated and obviously bitter personal issues. It doesn’t matter what concerns the other people in that “Job Interviews” room talk about, this guy won’t shut up about Trudeau’s hair.  Next he’s going to start talking about Trudeau’s “dreamy eyes” or how hot Trudeau’s wife is.

“Nice wife, too.  I’d like to poll her about the issues.  Am I right?”  Uncomfortable silence.  The others exchange worried glances until the woman finally says “We’d better up Bob’s medication again.”

And I’d like to know what they say about the other “Job Applicants”:

“Is he smiling or wincing?”

“Someone needs to tell this guy that a politician can get away with a beard if this was the 1915 election.”

“She seems okay but is she trying to be funny or she just really drunk?” 

(Then Bob ends with: “Can we get back to the guy with the hair?  It’s gorgeous. I think I’m in love.”)

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