Both Chris Schultz and Jamie Nye have their picks out on time this week.  Only Chris Schultz has managed to avoid falling for the illusion of competence that the Roughriders display each week.  For shame, Jamie Nye, for shame!

Montreal Alouettes at Hamilton Tiger-Cats

This is a home game for the Tiger-Cats, so they win.  What is so hard about that?

Both Chris and Jamie go on and on about the reasons the Tiger-Cats will win, so I assume they are paid by the word.  As a know-nothing blogger, I am paid exactly zero dollars, so I can be more economical in my wordsmithing.  (In terms of personal self-respect, this blog is actually costing me money.)

The only thing the Tiger-Cats need to worry about this season is the Eastern Final when they might get upset by the Toronto Argonauts.  Until then, they can relax and watch the wins pile up.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats over Montreal Alouettes

Toronto Argonauts at Edmonton Eskimos

Jamie points out that the Eskimos had their lunch handed to them last week.  I say, this week, they’re going to have their lunch money stolen from them by the Argos.  Now I’m hungry for some reason.

Toronto Argonauts over Edmonton Eskimos

Calgary Stampeders at Winnipeg Blue Bombers

People should not be fooled by the difficulty the Stampeders had beating the Roughriders last week.  Beating the Roughriders is like looking at your poop in the toilet before flushing.  It’s never pretty, but everyone does it.

Calgary is a very good team and will be making their second consecutive appearance in the Grey Cup this year.  Until then, they will be regularly beating teams like the Blue Bombers.

Calgary Stampeders over Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Saskatchewan Roughriders at Ottawa Redblacks

I’ll say it again.  You’ll never go broke betting against the Roughriders (even during Grey Cup years).

Jamie Nye has let his residency in Riderville overcome his football knowledge and good sense, so he’s picking the Roughriders.  Chris Schultz is still recovering from being burned by the Riders so many times at the beginning of the season.  He is not likely to pick the Roughriders for the rest of the year, with the possible exception of the Labour Day Classic against the Bombers next week.

Rider Nation needs to relax and enjoy an outstanding and very entertaining football team play, realizing that every Roughrider game works the same way.  They look like a well-oil machine in all three phases of the game for all but two or three plays.  Those two or three plays always decide the game.  Other than the Edmonton game, you could put together a highlight package of each Roughrider game, but omit the 30 seconds or so of Rider blunders, and no one would be able to figure out how the Roughriders lost each time.

The only question each game is which 30 seconds the Roughriders will pick to blow the game.  It can be fun.  This week, I predict the Roughriders’ bench will be flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct arguing a roughing the passer call on the Redblacks’ third down gamble in the final five seconds of the game, moving Ottawa up 30 yards to the Rider 45 with zeros showing on the clock, afterwhich a Redblack field goal will end the game at 38-39 for another Rider loss.  See, it can be fun!

Ottawa Redblacks over Saskatchewan Roughriders

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