The Banjo Bowl is this weekend.  In Canada, we call them cups.  Grey Cup, Vanier Cup, Stanley Cup, Champion’s Cup, Memorial Cup, Allan Cup and so on.  Banjo Cup.

Granted, there’s the Canadian Bowl, but that’s really just an annual ass-kicking when whatever junior team that comes out of the Prairie Football Conference pounds whatever junior team comes out of the Ontario or British Columbia Football Conferences.  At least the Quebec Junior Football League had the good sense to withdraw from the CJFL and avoid these annual humiliations.  I believe that’s what France was thinking at the outset of World War II, by the way.

The last Quebec team to play for the Canadian Bowl was the 1936 L’Île-Cadieux Monkey du Surrender.  Google it.

After that completely unexpected and unnecessary tangential attack on Quebec junior football, I suppose it behooves me to acknowledge the dominance of Quebec football at the university level.  I’m talking about Laval, of course, but also the current champions Montreal.  I don’t know why Quebec became such a football hotbed, largely because I don’t care about anything except the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Minecraft and Japanese anime.  Nevertheless, there you go.

Anyway, back to business. The Banjo Bowl (ugh) is used as an excuse by Blue Bomber fans to dress up in their regular street clothes and behave like they are at a family BBQ. I guess they think they are making fun of Saskatchewan fans, but if they had any brains whatsoever they would simply do what Calgary fans do at McMahon— just pelt us with rocks and garbage.  Honest, effective and right to the point.  The heart of the New West!

Without further ado (not adieu, by the way), here are my CFL Picks for Week 12.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats at Toronto Argonauts

The Toronto Argonauts should just forfeit the game so everyone can go home and watch the Blue Jays game.

Hamilton Tiger-cats over Toronto Argonauts

Saskatchewan Roughriders at Winnipeg Blue Bombers

The Blue Bombers are in a state of chaos. The fans are angry and the entire organization oozes failure.  The Saskatchewan Roughriders realize that they have a serious chance at making the playoffs if they start winning right now.  They have faith in their young quarterback whose confidence is growing each day.  The team possesses the knowledge that they won the Grey Cup less than two year ago with many of same players they have now.  They are ready, willing and able to commence a run for the playoffs against a demoralized team going in the opposite direction.

Naturally, the Roughriders will lose.  Remember:  you’ll never go broke betting against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers over Saskatchewan Roughriders

Calgary Stampeders at Edmonton Eskimos

The Edmonton Eskimos think they have a chance.  They don’t.

Calgary Stampeders over Edmonton Eskimos

Ottawa Redblacks at British Columbia Lions

The Ottawa Redblacks will be the latest eastern team to succumb to the withering effects of the cross-continental flight and lose, when they should not, to a sub-par Lions team.

The BC Lions should move even further west and set up shop in Hawaii. The flight over for visiting teams will practically kill them before the opening whistle, and the Lions will likely attract more fans to their games.

British Columbia Lions over Ottawa Redblacks

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