The coin toss just decided the game.  Toronto won the toss and the game.  It’s just science, folks.  And the wind at Mosaic.

Everyone keeps saying and acting like there is no drop-off from Durant to Glenn.  Wrong.  Nothing against Glenn, and I’ve always thought he was a really good quarterback, but Durant is a 3-time Grey Cup finalist in the prime of his career, and Glenn is a backup, albeit a very good one, with far less playoff success.  This game is going to show this.  Or not.  Who knows.  Why do I even bother?

The other problem is that the Rider defense stinks.  Emry is out, which doesn’t help, but the team is still learning the new system.  It might be a good system, but the players have not completely figured it out.  And then there is the not inconsequential matter of being unable to tackle.

Okay, the Riders are doing their best to prove me wrong about my first paragraph, and Glenn is showing a lot of zip on the ball, but I maintain that it is the receivers who are making Glenn look good.

Well, Glenn is doing a pretty good job making himself look good here in the second quarter.

“Home of the 13th Man.”  Oh, the irony.

Ryan Smith!  “Oh my god” indeed, young lady.  Oh. My. God.

This Saskatchewan team is unstoppable.  I was totally wrong about Kevin Glenn, he is the second coming of Ron Lancaster, Frank Tripucka and Joe “747” Adams all rolled into one uberback.  Even against the wind at Mosaic, Glenn will not be deni—yeesh.  That was an ugly 14-point swing.  Not good.

Messam.  He will kill you to death.  He is a wrecking machine.

McCallum.  Money.

Owens.  Unstoppable.  Likable.  He’s a tatted-up Hawaiian version of “Pinball” Clemons for the 21st century.

Well, I was wrong about Kevin Glenn.  Good game, sir.  My apologies to Mr. Glenn, his family, and the entire Tim Horton’s corporate brand.  Nevertheless, in my defence, he still needs to actually win a game.

Best. Game. Yet.

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