Did I tell you that Toronto GM Jim Barker’s daughter-in-law is my dental hygienist? What? You don’t care? Well you should. Have you seen my teeth? They’re awesome.

Calgary needs to get rid of the injury cart and replace it with an injury conveyor belt.

I think Toronto just plumb wore out after three weeks on the road, especially when one of their road games was a home game. They had to play their toughest opponent at the end of those three weeks, so I suppose this was to be expected. And it’s not like they folded up; they made a game of it.

Chad Owens was terrible. What the hell was that at the end of the half? Owens is a difference maker. In Saskatchewan he played well and was the key to Toronto’s victory. In Calgary, he played lousy and he was a key element in their loss. As Owens goes, so goes the Toronto Argonauts. You might call him the Jason of the Argonauts.

Jon Cornish sounded drunk after the game. He called himself worthless. No Jon, don’t talk like that. You’re a lovely man. You’ve got a lot of things going for you. You’re the fourth all-time leading rusher (well, for the Stampeders) but, that’s good. It’s not George Reed good, but it’s something. It’s not nothing. It’s not worthless. Don’t ever call yourself worthless, but if you must, save it for after a Rider game.

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