Apropos of nothing, I think the Argonauts should change their name to the Toronto Blue Jays.  At the very least, their Google numbers are liable to spike every twenty years or so, and they might be allowed back into the Rogers Centre.  Hell, they might even accidentally land the cover of Sports Illustrated.  How much more relevant can you get than the cover of Sports Illustrated?  I understand that the U.S. Women’s Olympic Ping Pong team photoshoot didn’t turn out so Sports Illustrated went with the Blue Jays.

Anyway, changing the Argos to the Blue Jays would be like the old New York Giants, with both the baseball and football team having the same name.  Obviously, that did not end well after a scheduling snafu resulted in the infamous New York Football Giants versus the Cleveland Indians double-header the Polo Grounds.  To avoid a future debacle like that, the next season the baseball Giants were banished to San Francisco and the Cleveland Indians continued to be banished to Cleveland.

And by the way, I heard that Blue Jays pitcher Mark Buehrle is going to retire before the post season starts.  That’s not a real vote of confidence if one of your pitchers wants off the team so bad, he actually retires right before the playoffs.  “We made the playoffs?  Well I quit!”  Maybe he knows something we don’t about the Blue Jays’ chances.  I hear he intends to spend his free time looking for the missing vowels in his last name.

Okay, back to work.  I don’t know why we have a Tuesday night game out of the blue like this.  I tried googling the question and two guys from Rogers Communications showed up at my mom’s house looking for me.  My mom gave them the standard story and that should keep them busy for a while.

Okay, again, back to work.  I am unclear on who the home team is for this game.  At, Ottawa is listed as the visiting team but the game is indicated as being played at TD Place Stadium.  The CFL schedule at is broken right now, so that’s no help either (keep up the good work TSN, crackerjack job).  I’m not going to google another question because I don’t want those two Rogers Communications goons to show up again.  That story only works once. I’ll just assume that the Blue Jays didn’t want any lingering Argo stink before their big ALDS game on Thursday, so they had the locks on the door to the Argo dressing room changed, thus necessitating a venue move over to Ottawa.

So yeah, prediction.  I dunno.  Ottawa?

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