SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS at TORONTO ARGONAUTS RECAP! (i.e. Will the Roughriders Fire Head Coach Corey Chamblin?)

Exciting game, between flags.  Roughriders find a new way to lose.  This time it’s penalties, mostly, and the obligatory major game-changing blunder.  Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

Or maybe there is something to see here.  It might be a mistake, but an undisciplined game like this, even where it is close, or perhaps especially when it is close, could produce a coaching change.  I believe the Roughriders are coming up on a bye week, perhaps as in good bye Chamblin?  And hello LaPolice and Benevides?  Maybe Greg Marshall is available; I believe the Roughriders may still be paying him.

Now, Chamblin didn’t injure Durant, Emry or Glenn, so perhaps firing the head coach would not be fair, but as my parole officer always tells me: stop watching so much football and get a real job because writing a stupid blog is “not maintaining gainful employment for the purposes of your early release conditions.”  I assume he means that life is not fair.

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