Milt, your pocket handkerchief doesn’t match the rest of your colour scheme.  Fix that for next time.

Chris, your pocket handkerchief matches your tie too well.  Fix that for next time.

Not really paying attention right now, but this interesting:  Jock Climie knows how to play the guitar.  Okay, back to not paying attention.

I think it’s been a matter of agreement for some time that the Trivago guy is kinda creepy or weird or something.  There is just something wrong about him.  I hear he’s German, and I don’t mean German-American or German-Canadian.  Real German.  German-German.  That probably explains why he just comes across as not right.  Maybe put him in some kind of uniform, military or soccer, and then it might make more sense, or less sense, but him standing around all casual in that nondescript clothing is just off.  Try putting him in a Joseph Abboud suit and have him rough up an old homeless Greek man, that might make him topical, at least.  But to my point, Trivago keeps pushing this guy on us, but they’ve gone too far this time.  The Trivago guy does this strange cool-guy pointy-finger thing at the end of that one commercial.  What the hell is that?  I don’t like it, not one bit.  It looks like a clumsy ad lib that Trivago was just too lazy to edit out.  I’m not angry; I’m just very disappointed.

Referee Tom Vallesi looks like a chunky Jock Climie

The problem with this game is that it was well played and there is nothing to say, so I’ll just shut up.

(Winnipeg won, I think.)

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