Hey Rod Black, when a player breaks a tackle or splits the seam (whatever that means), he is not automatically “high stepping it”.  Basically, a player high steps it if he knows he will not be tackled and wants to showboat.  It’s not the only time, and it has a practical purpose beyond showboating, but high stepping is rare and should not be used to describe something on every second play.  If you want to see textbook high stepping, google Deion Sanders. That’s my only criticism of Rod today.  I like Rod, and he broke out a video vignette.  Not his best work, but keep it coming.

This crowd in Ottawa is awesome; lots of Montreal fans, too.  It sounds like McMahon during the last (and now dead) Roughrider Golden Age (2007-2013).

Half time.  Here’s something different.  Jock Clime on the field in Ottawa reporting back to headquarters.  Rod Smith is asking—

…uuh, what’s that going on behind Jock?  Yeah, the girls, in their… uh, underwear.  What are they doing, exactly?  Nobody cares what Jock has to say now.  It’s all about the girls.  Even Rod looks like he’s trying to look around Jock to see what is going on behind Jock.  Alright, that’s enough.  There go the girls.  Back to the game, I guess….

I love seeing triumphant players screaming at the camera in French after scoring.  Oh Canada!

Who in Canada did not see that fake coming?  Great call.  Terrible execution.  Good lord terrible execution.  But great call.  Love it.

And that final game-winning drive; last year that was an interception.  For the last few years, that’s usually an interception from Burris.  But tonight, tonight Burris is on fire.  Cato is playing well, too, but on this night, the old veteran outplayed the up-and-coming rookie.

In my picks for this week, I called these two teams lousy.  I was wrong, and this was a great game.  In my defense, I specifically did not call them Saskatchewan Roughrider lousy.  That’s a whole different level of lousy and I would never accuse another team of being that bad.

Notwithstanding the above mea culpa, I must say: that log cutting thing on Redblack touchdowns is the lamest.  Even Gainer drunkenly stumbling into a Popemobile and madly careening around Mosaic after a Rider touchdown is more interesting.  It’s not if, but when, someone is going to get run over.  Probably Weston Dressler; people are always tripping over him.

For those keeping score—(nobody)—the Redblacks have already won one more game than I predicted at the start of the season. I am so stupid.  So stupid.

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