Not a classic (more of a demolition), and everyone hates the Evil Empire, but Edmonton’s fans are the best all-around fans, so good for them. They are not as numerous or loud as Rider Nation, but there is still plenty of them and they are classy and very knowledgeable. You could tell how those who actually showed up for the game enjoyed themselves more and more as the game progressed, especially in the second half.  They piled on as the game got further and further out of reach, just like good fans are supposed to.

Calgary look tired as the second half started and positively old when Reilly ran the ball into the endzone to make it 44-15.  And it didn’t seem as if there was any urgency to the Stampeders’ offense at the end.  They just seemed to concede the game.  The Stampeders made it mildly interesting, but it was way too little, way too late.

Is this the sad ending of the Hufnagel Golden Era?  The rise of a new Eskimo Dynasty?  Well, maybe the former but hopefully not the latter.  After all, there is the small matter of the 2015 Grey Cup, yet to be decided.

Ottawa Redblacks versus Edmonton Eskimos will be a fun matchup.  I assume Edmonton will be favoured, but Henry Burris and the Redblacks have been defying expectations all year.

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