Not the most exciting first half ever played. I believe that honour goes to the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the 2013 Grey Cup. Ottawa is hanging in there. Ottawa’s Chris Williams looks good as does Edmonton’s Shakir Bell. You know what they say: football is a small man’s game.

It’s half time of the first game of a Friday Night Football double-header! Here’s the chance for the boys in the studio to shine. For chrissakes, would someone please tell Chris Schultz that his collar is all twisted upwards? We go from Mr. QG Milt Stegall to Mr. Jesus-Christ-learn-how-to-dress-yourself Chris Schultz. It’s not like there is nobody around who could help the guy out. And another thing—cripes!—Rod Smith, you do not button the bottom button on your jacket. Never, ever. Your official sponsor is a men’s clothing store; learn some of the basics. This is exhausting. Moore’s, help me out here.

I like those little Britney Spears microphone headsets that the officials all wear on their heads. Work, bitch!

The Trivago weirdo is really starting to go gray. It must be the stress of annoying us so much. It can wear a guy down.

Ottawa is employing the Odell Willis-based offense. Wisely, Edmonton Head Coach Chris Jones is keeping Willis off the field, robbing Ottawa of its most potent offensive weapon.

Somehow, it was Ottawa’s touchdown that seemed to be the turning point against the Redblacks. Good teams know how to respond to… success? Ottawa has some work to do.

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