Uh, Hamilton?  No… Ottawa.  No! Hamilton.  No.  Or yes, Hamilton. Yeah, Hamilton, for sure.  Or hmmm.  Hamilton doesn’t have a starting quarterback, and Burris is having a career year, so it’s got to be Ottawa.  Or not—all that Kent Austin does is go to the Grey Cup. He’s unstoppable. He’ll lose the Grey Cup, of course, but he’s gonna get there.  But still, Ottawa ended up in first place for a reason.  But come on, this is their second year in the league. What would that say about the league if a second year expansion franchise got into the Grey Cup?  Who do they think they are, the Baltimore Stallions?  So no, it’s got to be Hamilton.  Still… the whole quarterback thing. Masoli? Seriously? Austin’s a genius, but that’s asking too much.  And Burris is a veteran who really wants it, and he has to know this opportunity may never come again, so he’s not going to let this opportunity slip away.  He’s only one man, though, and there is no real experience on this team beyond him.  And Hamilton has been there two years in a row already, so they are loaded with experience.  It’s like these teams are mirror images of one another.  Experienced team and rookie quarterback versus inexperienced team and veteran quarterback. Which way to go here?

Ottawa Redblacks, unless it’s the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, obv.

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