Calgary won the coin toss and deferred to the second half.  It’s a windy day at Mosaic, so the coin toss wins the game; Riders lose.  Thanks for coming out.  Drive safe.

Sellout crowd at Mosaic.  What other fan base would show up to watch their 0-7 team get pounded by the league champs?  Only this one.

Is it my TV, or do our two buddies in the TSN booth, Glen Suitor and Chris Cuthbert, sound like they are calling the game from a one-stall bathroom?  Mosaic Field at Taylor Field is decrepit, but I didn’t think it was that bad.  (Actually, I did.)

Brett Smith has some real zip on the ball tonight.  And he’s not afraid to run.

Messam is killing them to death (again).  Get the ball to that machine.

Okay, Glen and Chris, help us out a bit.  We have to rely upon what you guys decide to tell us.  When an interception is overturned during a commercial, we, as the viewers, don’t know it.  So when we return to the game, throw us a bone and explain why we are inexplicably looking at the Roughriders back on offense.  Us viewers only found out the interception was overturned after Devin Wilson scored the touchdown.

By the way, Wilson seems like a winner.  This offense may not take the Roughriders anywhere this year, but with guys like Wilson and Ryan, and plenty of veterans near the front end of their peak performance years, there is real reason to think that the next few seasons will be good ones.

500 career catches for Dressler.  Wow.  He’ll have something to tell his classroom when he starts grade 8 in the fall.  What I did for my summer vacation….

Do fans at Mosaic Stadium ever sit down?  Geez.  Or stop drinking?

Gene Makowsky hangs out in the heated booth and gets interviewed for the entire first quarter by Chris and Glen.  Eddie Davis is stuck on the windswept sideline with Lee Jones and gets a quick two minutes.  What gives?

Penalties.  Penalties.  Penalties.  They’re in field goal range, and then they’re not.  And then a Hail Mary touchdown, and that’s all she wrote.  Penalties.  Penalties.  Penalties.  When I stated above that the Roughriders lost because of the coin toss, I was only half-right.  They also lost because of this ugly turn of events.

And now Bob O’Billovich is in the booth.  Davis is going to get a complex.  Bob looks and sounds exactly the same as he did when he won the 1983 Grey Cup.

Speaking of O’Billovich, I was writing the Roughriders’ obituary when they blocked that punt.  Well, I’ll say this.  They are not going quiet into that good night, but they are still playing the best team in the league, so this will not end well.

So back to the obituary, the Roughriders are lousy.  Terrible.  Crappy.  Hapless.  Shitty.  That’s what 0-8 teams are.  Get over it, Rider Nation.  We’ve been spoiled after the last eight years or so; the team can’t be good every year.  Let’s just hope this year is not the beginning of another Dark Age (I‘m looking at you 1977).  Darian will be back next year, and he should be good for a couple of games before some freak injury ends his season early (my guess:  breaks thumb in his throwing hand; maybe on Brendon LaBatte’s helmet).  So relax and enjoy watching the rest of the league have fun.  Maybe the Riders will be able to play spoiler.  That can be fun, too.

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