John Lu, your suit is oddly compelling.

Nik Lewis is a hoss.  I recognize that Nik might not have all the qualifications of hoss-igeness, but he’s a hoss.  And I loved how he bulled the signage aside after his touchdown and celebrated with the fans.  That’s how a hoss does it (apologies to Jim Ross).

Milt Stegall just explained that Calgary needs to establish the passing game or the running game if they want to win.  What does this tell us?  Captain Obvious is not just a spokesman for

This game is a testament to how important game film is these days.  Calgary has no idea what to do with this Cato guy.  They’re going to have to learn on the fly before time runs out (see below).

Look Wendy’s, what you’re doing with this whole sponsorship of the CFL is good, but the focus upon salads is B-A-D bad.  No one who watches the CFL gives a damn about salad.  We want meat.  Meat burgers.  Meat fries.  Meat frosties.  Hell, put some meat in your salads and we’ll think about it, but meat.  And I don’t mean chicken.  That’s not real meat.  It’s bird.  Meat.  Pretty soon Captain Obvious is going to have to come over there and kick your ass.  Meat.  …geez….

I can’t tell if the new rules for converts adds to the game or is just annoying.  It used to be that touchdowns were a cathartic event with the point-after just being an opportunity to cheer one more time.  Now, we can’t really celebrate the touchdown because we immediately have to worry about the damn convert.

Last week, Calgary looked terrible, but they found a way to win, which is the sign of a champion.  This week, they still looked terrible, and their luck ran out against an inferior team, which is the sign of a crappy team.  What’s my point?  No point.  Just blathering.

Time just ran out.

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