As everyone in Rider Nation knows, it is never too early to panic and the first Power Rankings of the 2020 season are out over at Let me assure you, Rider Nation, it is definitely time to panic. Perhaps even too late.

Once again, someone over at is too cowardly to reveal himself or herself as the author of this Power Rankings travesty so the byline indicates “CFL.CA STAFF”.  However, this load of cow manure has got Jamie Nye’s fingerprints all over it.

Anyway, the 2020 Grey Cup Champion Saskatchewan Roughriders are only placed third, behind pathetic 2019 Grey Cup runners-up the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and some team called the Winnipeg “Blue Bombers”. I didn’t even know Winnipeg had a team in the CFL so someone needs to check their facts.

In any event, the idea that the Saskatchewan Roughriders are not the best team in the CFL, not only this season but every preceding season in the history of the CFL, is as patently ridiculous as it is transparently insulting.

Having said this, the fact that someone is implying that the Roughriders are not the best team in the CFL means that Roughriders management have obviously done something terribly wrong and the season has gone terribly awry.  It’s time to clean house:  players, coaches, General Manager, President, Board of Directors, concession people, cleaning staff.  And Gainer. Especially Gainer.

Rider Nation cannot sit idly by as the 2020 CFL season slips away. I ask—nay, demand—that all those who care about this national treasure of a professional sport franchise join me to storm the frozen gates of Mosaic Stadium to show our mutual disgust for how this team has been mismanaged from the moment that damned football clanged off the crossbar in the 2019 West Final.

Let’s get some use of all those torches and pitchforks that sit in our closets all year collecting dust.  It’s time they were used for what they were designed for:  to be carried around by an angry mob.

Yes, my friends, it is no longer enough to simply get drunk and call into some radio hotline to slur our complaints about the price of hotdogs at Mosaic, or load up the comments section at with uninformed opinions, atrocious syntax and misspelled insults calling out everyone else’s uninformed opinions, atrocious syntax and misspelled insults. The time for talk is over!  The time for writing dumb articles on obscure blogs is upon us.

One further thought.

I would like to know why 3DownNation is just sitting on their hands as the 2020 season just passes them by. How are we supposed to take 3DownNation seriously if they are not going to throw out wild and pointless speculation about how strong each CFL team is months before they have even started training camp? I want to see 3DownNation’s Power Rankings immediately so that I can watch the comments section fill up with people outraged over the inflammatory observations that guy from Winnipeg always makes which are obviously designed just to provoke people into getting mad at him.

And that’s all I got to say about that.

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