The Saskatchewan Roughriders were due for a letdown. You can’t expect them to play well twice.  In a row, no less. Sometimes not even twice in one season.

The Ottawa REDBLACKS beat the Saskatchewan Roughriders like a government mule (credit Jim Ross).

It was a complete team loss. No one seemed to know what was going on.  Has the game started?  What time is our flight home?  Are we the home team or away?  Am I playing receiver or corner? Do you get six points for a touchdown or four?  Am I supposed to catch the ball or eat it?  Are there four quarters or three?  That guy who’s hosting the party that Natasha Staniszewski crashes with McCain wedges, is that Bo Levi Mitchell? What exactly is a Redblack, anyway? Where are my keys?  Are you going to finish that sandwich?

The offensive line was certainly offensive.  When they weren’t failing to pass-block, they were failing to run-block.  That’s called a duel-threat.

I’m not clear if either Charleston Hughes or Willie Jefferson were dressed tonight.

Duron Carter scored a touchdown and then got burned for a touchdown, so we’ll call that even.  Or no we won’t.  Those illegal contact penalties killed the Roughriders. I still absolutely loved–loved!–his post-game, don’t-give-an-inch positive attitude.  Awesome.  Keep the big smile and look them right in the eye and admit nothing.  Nothing!  The whole team needs to act like this.  Just keep smiling like you won.  He actually made this loss easier to take.

Anyway, Zach (Zack) Collaros played just long enough to get concussed.  And throw two interceptions, although Shaq (Shack) Evans’ lousy route-running was probably the cause of the first interception, and Collaros can’t pass-protect for himself, so there’s plenty of blame to go around there.

I get that the Roughriders had no film with which to game-plan, but damn, the Roughriders didn’t seem to know what game the REDBLACKS would be playing.  Field hockey?  Lacrosse?  Baseball? Water polo? Maybe they had World Cup fever.

I’m not sure if Saskatchewan Roughriders General Manager, Head Coach, Vice-President of Football Operations and guy who is probably wondering why he left the Edmonton Eskimos, Chris Jones, had a sunburn or an aneurism.  Or his head was about to burst.

By the way, does anyone know how to defend against a player who cutbacks?  See, if a player is running one way, he might turn abruptly and start running against the grain, so to speak.  Watch out, kids! William Powell was the guy who did a lot of that last year to the Roughriders.  I think he plays for the REDBLACKS.

Brodie Lawson seems to be a nice ray of sunshine. When does she get her McCain wedges commercial?  She can crash Trevor Harris’ “viewing party”.

Anyway, the Roughriders get to pound the shit out of the Alouettes next week, so it’s not all bad.

But it was pretty bad. (Don’t tell Duron Carter; he don’t care.)

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