The game was over the moment Zach Collaros was ruled out of playing.

I don’t know when the Roughriders knew the game was over.  I found out when TSN informed us Mr. Collaros was out.

I watched the game purely out of obligation as a member of Rider Nation, just as the Roughriders played the game purely out of obligation as actual members of the team.  However, I knew, just as each player must have known, it was hopeless.   Worse yet for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, every member of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers would have known it.  They certainly looked like they knew it.

Brandon Bridge is an athletic guy and we all want him to succeed, but he doesn’t have what it takes.  Maybe he once did; maybe his confidence was taken from him this year.  Time to let him go.

And it’s time to let Mr. Collaros go, too.  He’s just too brittle.

This game reminded me of the 2014 West Semifinal in Edmonton. Boring game. Cold and hopeless.  Good defense.  No quarterback.

And yes, this post was posted before the end of the game, for those paying attention.

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