The football gods intervened last Saturday to strike Darian Durant down.  My guaranteed Roughrider win was therefore nullified by the implied force majeure provision of said guarantee.  Hence, I maintain that my predictions and my Power Ranking observations from last week remain 100% correct and valid, notwithstanding the aforementioned Act of God.  If you don’t like that, talk to my lawyers:  They’ll be delighted to hear from you.

The staff over at CFL.CA is back at it this week with their Nissan Titan Power Rankings, so it is my sacred duty to rank the rankings. Here it is, in order of the “staff’s” rankings:


Finally, Scott Cullen over at TSN.Ca has seen the light and placed the only undefeated team in this league into the top spot.  That only partially makes up for him continuing to place the Calgary Stampeders at number two.  The Stamps are in third place in the Western Division, below both the BC Lions and the Edmonton Eskimos.  What the hell?


I said last week that the Champs would remain at number two this week and I was right.  I win again.


What do the British Columbia Lions need to do to vault over the Calgary Stampeders and Edmonton Eskimos?  Look, I don’t know why the Lions are doing so well, and the only reason they won last week was due to Darian Durant’s annual injury, but they did win, and Jennings took advantage of the two blown coverages.  Good teams take advantage of other teams’ mistakes and injuries.

So as for the Stampeders, even if they win this week, they won’t be in first place, and with Edmonton playing Hamilton, it isn’t likely they will even be in second place.  Give it a rest, TSN.CA and CFL.CA, and put the Stamps down at least to fourth position next week.


It’s time that CFL.CA and TSN.CA swallow their pride and admit that the British Columbia Lions are better than we all thought they would be this year.  I don’t know how Mr. Buono does it, but there is no arguing with success.

I am forced to predict that the final regular season game ever at Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field will decide which team–the Saskatchewan Roughriders or the British Columbia Lions–will make the playoffs this year, but for the time being, these Lions are killing it. They should be ranked second.

I like how Mr. Cullen states that “if Jennings can continue to play at a high level, then it’s possible they could challenge Edmonton and Calgary for supremacy in the West….”  Yes, indeed, when you are first place in the Western Division, I’d say you are “challenging” the two teams below you.


I’m not sure what to do with this team.  The fifth spot seem right.


Here come the Tiger-Cats. I told you.


Whatever. Ugh.


The Saskatchewan Roughriders are teetering on the edge of disaster here.  I can’t tell if I was wrong about my initial assessment of this team.  Are they a good team that needs to clean up a few isolated issues (like multiple blown coverages and stupid mistakes at the wrong time each game) or are they a crappy team that does the things that crappy teams do (like multiple blown coverages and stupid mistakes at the wrong time each game)?

Only time will tell, but they belong near the bottom of the rankings.  Mr. Cullen places them at the very bottom.  I can’t say he’s wrong.  But I will anyway.  Montreal belongs at the very bottom.


Is this team still in the league?  I guess so because Allouette slotback Nik Lewis was spouting off this week.

Although I think Mr. Lewis needs to spend less time at the buffet table (and so do his pants), this guy is a total winner, he’s a team leader no matter where he’s playing, and he’s still killing it on the field.  Need a first down? Nik Lewis.

The Allouettes also need to listen to him.  Every time the Stampeders made one of their comebacks against the Roughriders, he was always the guy leading the way.  He never panics and he knows that the point of the game is to win it.  The Roughriders should have snagged him when the Stampeders let him go.  He’s a slower, shorter, louder, rougher and dumpier version of Geroy Simon.  But he’s still a future Hall of Famer.  He’ll be placed in the “husky” section of the Hall.

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